SHO’s QMAP Training Helps the Whole Community

A Qualified Medication Administration Person is trained to dispense medications to SHO’s assisted living residents, a critical role...

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Social Networking Sites Usage on the rise

Social networking sites are increasingly used to keep up with close social ties.

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Jeff and Marty Pexton - The Best of the Best

This year's Grand County Council on Aging's Senior Award to a Grand County individual goes to (the envelope please) JEFF AND MARTY PEXTON!

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CO State Flag

Colorado Fun Facts...

Colorado is the only state in history, to turn down the Olympics. In 1976 the Winter Olympics were planned to be held in Denver.

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SHO-A Helping Hand

Thank you for your continued support of our organization!

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There’s always something happening at SHO!  From award winning staff to television stories about our plays, many of SHO’s newsworthy activities garner great media attention.  This is due to the award-winning services and activities at SHO.

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February 2017

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May 2015

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April 2015

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February 2015

Cinnamon Park News – February 2015

January 2015

Cinnamon Park News – January 2015

Mesa Vista Newsletter  – January 2015

December 2014

SHO 2014 Holiday Newsletter

The Olin Reporter – December 2014

November 2014

New Happenings at Cinnamon Park & Expansion in 2015

March 2014

Ski-Hi News-Cliffview non profit of the week

January 2014

Grand Gazette-Cliffview staff thank Pam for her random act of kindness

October 2013

Grand Gazette-Cliffview residents’ surprise party for her 95th birthday

September 2013

Cortez Newspaper-Mayor visits Madison House for NALW

Grand Gazette-Cliffview Business of the Month

August 2013

Grand Valley Echo-Senior Apartments at Mesa Vista

Westword Review 8.15.13

The Denver Post-Lisa Kennedy Review

Broadworld-Steel Magnolias Review

The Denver Post-Joanna Davidson review Steel Magnolias

John Moore review Steel Magnolias

Bob Bows Review

Westworld Opening Night-Steel Magnolias

July 2013

Grand Gazette-Cliffview Dementia Care Leader

Beacon Senior News-Mesa Vista Foot Care Available in Parachute

Qittle story: SHO-A Helping Hand

May 2013

Mesa Vista Nominated as Friend of Seniors-Garfield County Senior Programs

September 2012

SHO staff volunteer for Denver Homeless Project 12-Denver Post

Cortez Journal Madison House-City of Cortez Mayor Visits for NALW

August 2012

Grand Valley Echo Mesa Vista News

Westword Driving Miss Daisy Review

North Denver Tribune Driving Miss Daisy Review

July 2012

Denver Art Matters Driving Miss Daisy Review

Cortez Journal Best of Montezuma-Madison House AL Wins Again

June 2012

Grand Valley Echo Mesa Vista News

May 2012

Cortez Journal Madison House-Love Story

April 2012

CALA Service In Excellence Awards-Debbie Setlock, Cinnamon Park Assisted Living

Grand Valley Echo Mesa Vista News

Real Estate Rama-The Barth Hotel & LoDo Cares

50 Plus Marketplace-Cinnamon Park Easter Fundraiser

February 2012

Grand Valley Echo Mesa Vista News


Media News 2011


2007 – The Stephen H. Hart Award for Restoration of The Barth Hotel in Denver. Presented by the Colorado Historical Society.