National Assisted Living Week, September 13th – 19th

national-assisted-living-weekOne of the great benefits of being a part of today’s more health-conscious society is the fact that many of us are living longer. Not only living longer, but staying active well into our senior years. You may have heard the phrase ‘sixty is the new forty.’ Now it is being said that ‘eighty is the new sixty.’ Eating well and remaining physically active, along with improved medical care, are resulting in this modern phenomenon.

Many of our seniors will come to a point where they may need a little help with day-to-day living, but do not want to give up their more active lifestyle. Perhaps they are just not up to driving, housekeeping chores, cooking or keeping track of when to take their medications. Maybe they are feeling lonely and isolated after the passing of their spouse. But they are still active and don’t require skilled nursing care.

This is a niche filled by Assisted Living Communities. The key word here is ‘assisted’. Assisted Livings are focused on helping residents be as independent and vital as possible, while ensuring a safe and social environment. Assisted Living Communities can range in size from 4 beds to over 100 in some cases.

Assisted Living Communities generally provide 24 hour staffing, three meals a day, medication administration, laundry and housekeeping services, some personal care services, some transportation services and activities. The specifics of each service offered varies with each community.

At Mesa Vista Assisted Living, in Battlement Mesa, residents have a wide range of scheduled activities available each day, encouraging social interaction while also promoting physical exercise. Residents also have the option to do things on their own if they prefer. Weekly shopping trips are offered, along with local transportation to doctors’ appointments.

The week of September 13th through 18th is National Assisted Living Week. In recognition of the services Assisted Living Residences provide to their communities, I encourage everyone to consider volunteering, to get involved. Those of you with friends or relatives living in an Assisted Living facility, I urge you to visit your loved ones as often as you can. A little love is always appreciated!


Michael Farrell is Adult Day Program and Activities Director at Mesa Vista Assisted Living Residence, 72 Sipprelle Drive, Parachute, CO 81635. (970) 285-1844


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