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Madison House is Voted Best Assisted Living by Cortez Journal Readers 2011-2016!

Summer Picnic in Delores, CO

Nothing like a summer picnic! Madison House residents enjoying the day in Delores, CO.

Mardi Gras at Madison House

Fall is in the air at Madison House!

From top left, clockwise: Virginia, Ruth, Annabell, Ginny, Vera, Sue Madison House ladies are all busy making dried apples for their fellow residents.  After drying in dehydrators generously loaned from staff, the result is a healthy snack–or maybe healthy as some are covered in jello, sugar and cinnamon!  After the apples were ready, the ladies put […]

The “Needle Bees” at Madison House

The “Needle Bees” at Madison House are known for their lovely quilting projects. But they do SO MUCH MORE…

A Real Treat for Madison House!

It is not often that people get to meet talented, recognized artists. But Madison House was most fortunate to host noted artist Jerry Cohoe.

A LOVE that lasts…at Madison House

Earl & Virginia-Valentine’s for 73 years!

Social Networking Sites Usage on the rise

Social networking sites are increasingly used to keep up with close social ties.

Holiday fun at Madison House!

Pet friendly at Madison House!

It’s Never 2 Late Program comes to Madison House

Dignity and social connection through technology

CMS expands definition of HCBS Assisted Living Settings

Defining AL by the nature and quality of individuals’ experiences!

Colorado Fun Facts…

Colorado is the only state in history, to turn down the Olympics. In 1976 the Winter Olympics were planned to be held in Denver.

Madison House residents just love football!

The Superbowl is underway…Go Broncos!!

SHO Managers come to town for annual training!

SHO has thirteen communities across Colorado serving 500 low income residents!

Madison House residents enjoy the last days of summer

Outdoor adventures are what makes summer so fun!