SHO is a proud member of Denver Senior Coalitions

The three Denver Coalitions serve Government, Non-Profit Agencies, Businesses and Individuals working with and for older adults and seniors in the greater Denver metro and surrounding area. There are about 409 member organizations who pay annual dues that end up helping seniors directly through the Joint Coalition Assistance Fund.
The majority of dues goes to the JCAF (Joint Coalition Assistance Fund) and is given away to the seniors served by our members.  The committee truly looks forward to reviewing the applications that members submit, especially the description of assistance required, as we are then able to gain a better picture of your clients.Generally the money dispersed from the JCAF helps to buy an item that a low income senior may let go by the wayside, rationalizing that they do not have the money for, such things as eyeglasses, dentures, dental work, assistive devices, hearing aids and the like. Things that could contribute greatly to their quality of life. The committee considers extenuating circumstances when necessary on a case by case basis.
Joint Coalition Assistance Fund (JCAF)

In 2011, the Coalitions helped 40 seniors. Let’s bring a few of them to life to you at this time – here are some examples …

  • In December 2011 the Coalition helped with oxygen cost, an eye exam, a water pump for a vehicle (working is such an important thing), some dental work and some eyeglasses. All of these individuals are living on less than $1,000 a month in income, having their needs met in this manner is very important for them.
  • A lady with income of $1,440 monthly lives in a building where she volunteers her time to her neighbors, driving them to errands.  She needed a one time assist with her car insurance premium.
  • An elderly couple kicked out of their daughter’s home went to a motel with just their clothes.  They obtained a living arrangement at an assisted living facility, we were able to buy them a bed.

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