Passion still alive in resident bowler

Passionate Bowler-Living life on his terms!

Henry Baker-The Olin Hotel Apartments

Henry has been a resident at Olin since 1992 (over 21 years) and is now 65 years old. He is originally from Des Moines, Iowa and came to Denver in the 1990’s. Despite struggling with numerous chronic ailments and having survived over 28 surgeries including being stabbed, he is an inspiration. Henry started bowling at age 17 and soon developed a passion for the sport. He spends almost every day bowling or watching his friends bowl.

He bowls in the summer and winter and also subs in numerous leagues. I also noticed work out equipment in his room. Henry states, “I stay in good shape and keep my heart moving”. He says he doesn’t spend much time as the Olin-he’s out bowling. He also admits,”it does feel good to win and it keeps me out of trouble”. Obviously, looking through his records and accomplishments-he does win a lot!

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