Park Hill resident Mary Winkel writes monthly column

mary museum pic


Another year at Park Hill Residence- 1901 Eudora Street, Denver CO has passed and 2014 is arriving. I’m Mary Winkel and I teach crochet on Saturdays. I got more yarn at Wal-Mart and have a lot of hat orders. The cold weather is here and today it is two degrees outside. Time to make hot chocolate and put a sweater on. On Sunday Dec. 1st the Broncos played the Kansas City Chiefs on CBS. Jack Del Rio was coaching and the Broncos won Broncos 35- Chiefs 28. On Dec. 3rd coach John Fox returns to coach the Denver Broncos. Friday Dec. 6th we went to the Denver Art Museum behind the library at 100 W. 14th Ave. Pkwy. It opened at 10:00am and we went to the second floor and saw the Thomas Moran’s Yellowstone exhibit in the Hamilton building. It’s on exhibit until Jan. 19th, 2014. There was a photograph of Yellowstone from the 1800’s. Then we had coffee in the café behind the gift shop, and I also bought a key chain.

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