Jeff and Marty Pexton – The Best of the Best

Pexton AwardWe know our employees are great, but it certainly is nice when others recognize their outstanding efforts. 

Each year, the Grand County Council on Aging presents its Friend of the Senior Award to a Grand County individual, couple, business, agency or organization that has positively impacted the senior community.  And this year’s award goes to (the envelope please) JEFF AND MARTY PEXTON!  Jeff and Marty are long-time residents of Kremmling who both are instrumental in keeping Grand County seniors safe and secure!  

Jeff has been the Cliffview Assisted Living administrator for Senior Housing Options for the past five years.  After a 30-year career in banking, Jeff enjoys his new career!  He says, “I don’t consider it a real job.  It’s very rewarding.  I love taking care of our elders.”  Living near Cliffview, Jeff is also available to do what’s needed to make sure Cliffview residents have all their needs met.  This is confirmed by the satisfaction rating of residents, a 4.73 on a scale of 1 to five with five being the highest score!  “The best part of my day is kicking back and visiting with residents,” says Jeff.  That, no doubt, contributes to satisfied residents.  

Marty is the property manager of Silver Spruce Apartments in Kremmling and Grand Living Senior Homes in Granby (both are affordable independent-living housing for seniors and/or disabled individuals).  “I wasn’t surprised that Jeff got nominated,”

Marty said. “He is always doing and doing, but I didn’t realize that people appreciate what I do. It’s a pleasant surprise.”  Marty is humble!  Her 44 residents also rate her better than 4 of 5 in satisfaction. A pro in paperwork, her expertise and commitment allow residents to save substantial money by living in her apartments. 

SHO is so proud of Jeff and Marty.  Heartiest congratulations on receiving this prestigious award for all of their hard work!