Everyone deserves a safe, decent, affordable home



Colorado is one of 13 states where over 1/2 of the low-income households pay more than 50% of their income on rent.

Affordable Housing is generally defined as housing for which the occupant is paying no more than 30% of gross income for housing costs including utilities. Adequate availability of affordable housing affects the entire community, not just the residents who benefit from having a safe, decent and stable place to call home. It provides critical stability for individuals and families living in the community.

24% of Coloradans are severely cost-burdened paying more than 50% of their household income toward housing. Nearly 40% pay more than 30%.

The facts: rising needs, insufficient  supply and special needs

Needs: The total number of Americans living in poverty has grown.

Supply: 56% of low-income renter households cannot access affordable housing.

Special needs: Nationally, 20.5% of households with the worse-case housing needs were seniors (1 in 5) and 17% of non-elderly households in which at least one adult has a disability also endure worse-case housing needs.

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Affordable housing is an issue that affects everyone. Housing Colorado is the unified resource in the state for affordable housing education, information and advocacy. Housing Colorado was formed in January 2005 from the merger of the Colorado Rural Housing NOW! (conference), Colorado Affordable Housing Partnership and the restructuring of Colorado Low-Income Housing Campaign to create a stronger voice for affordable housing.