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Love Is In The Air At Cliffview!

Love is in the air at Kremmling’s Cliffview Senior Assisted Living Center in the form of the flavorful aroma of steak and shrimp and a Valentine’s Day holiday feast.

Magic of Music!

Musician Joe Rooyakker journeys from Fraser on the first Wednesday of every month to share his Magic of Music to the residents of Kremmling’s Cliffview Senior Assisted Living Center.

Cliffview Bingo

Residents at the Cliffview Assisted Living facility look forward to their biweekly Bingo every Wednesday and Fridays following their lunch.

Cliffview Assisted Living Named Non Profit of the Week in SKi-Hi News

Kremmling is a great place to be!

CMS expands definition of HCBS Assisted Living Settings

Defining AL by the nature and quality of individuals’ experiences!

Colorado Fun Facts…

Colorado is the only state in history, to turn down the Olympics. In 1976 the Winter Olympics were planned to be held in Denver.

Kremmling-The Way Colorado Used to Be

Excitement and adventure abound in Kremmling with thrills around every corner.

SHO Managers come to town for annual training!

SHO has thirteen communities across Colorado serving 500 low income residents!

Cliffview resident Ann Waters receives a surprise party on her 95th birthday!

Retired US veterans fulfill Ann’s wishes for her birthday!

Cliffview is Chamber Business of the Month

Congrats-August 2013

SHO Supports National Assisted Living Week 2013

September 8-14th, 2013

Cliffview Assisted Living Becomes a Leader in Dementia Care

Over 75% of staff are now trained in the Cares Program

Kremmling Days 2013

June 14-16th, 2013

Lilacs in bloom at Cliffview Assisted Living

Summer is certainly here in Kremmling!

Grand County-A Great Place To Live!

Affordable living and friendly people!