Help Park Hill Raise Money for Our Activities Department!

park-hill-arThe Residents of Park Hill invite you to join them for a fundraiser to raise money for our activities department! We are holding our 3rd Annual Walk-A-Thon at Park Hill Residence on Thursday August 20th 2015 at 9:30am. We are looking for friends and family to sponsor and/or accompany our residents who are participating in this event! They will be walking around our block as many times as they are safely able to, and we are asking people to pledge per lap or make a donation for participation. Money will be used to fund several Activities that we could not otherwise afford. 

Please call Maria @ 303-388-9437 ext.12 to pledge or fill out this form and send it with the resident you are supporting. 

Resident Name___________


Amount of $ you are pledging to pay the resident for each lap they walk____________________ 

We are asking that money pledged for completed laps be given to the resident by September 30th 2014. Thank you for your support of our Residents their Activities Program. 


Maria Ortega
Activities Director
Park Hill Residence


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