A Real Treat for Madison House!

Jerry Cohoe at Madison HouseIt is not often that people get to meet talented, recognized artists.  But Madison House was most fortunate to host noted artist Jerry Cohoe.  Jerry is the father of Resident Services Director Jaime Cohoe. 

Jerry shared his fascinating background with residents.  A member of the Dine` (Navajo) Nation, Jerry was born in a four walled canvas tent in Cortez, CO.  Jerry is of the Bit’ ahnii (Leaf) clan and born for the ‘Ashiihi (Salt People) clan, maternal grandparent from the Ti’aashchi’I (Red Bottom People) clan and paternal grandparent from the Naaneesht’ezhi tachii’nii (Charcoal Streaked Division of the Red Running Water) clan.  

Jerry, whose father was a medicine man and with a mother who only knew of the Dine` way of life, was raised with a deep reverence for all life forms; plant, animal and the environment.  This upbringing is fundamental to his Dine` heritage and culture and still influences Jerry’s profound respect for “Mother Earth” and “Father Sky”. 

Jerry Cohoe at Madison HouseJerry’s curiosity in art dates back to early childhood.  Watching his mother weave intricate designs on Dine` rugs and seeing ritual sand paintings created on Hogan floors during his father’s ceremonies, left Jerry with an indelible appreciation for beauty and form.  Even though his interest in art always existed, Jerry became serious about his talent in the early 1980’s, primarily in response to the urging of his wife, Etta. 
By then he was also father of two daughters, Jaime and Tara.

Now living in Cortez, CO, Jerry is devoting a concerted effort to develop the natural talent he possesses.  He draws and paints what he feels comfortable and familiar with.  As a result most of his studies are framed in the setting of the Great Dine` Nation, where his roots and heart are firmly planted.   

Jerry also shared new art that he is working on now.  Residents were mesmerized by this talented artist and his unique background and perspectives. 

Sincere thanks to Jerry!


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