Life with dignity with people who care

Mark Cordova, SHO donor on why to support SHO-"It could be someone you know at some point. Everybody needs help sometime."

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Affordable Community Options for Seniors and Disabled Adults

Our rents are affordable at both our apartments and assisted living communities.

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Donate your time and help make a difference!

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There are so many worthy organizations to help and not enough contributions to go around.  Donors must choose wisely.  So why support SHO?  There are lots of reasons that make it a great place to support.  Words from donors Linda and “T” Tafoya:   “We have supported SHO for a number of years. Most of SHO’s low-income residents have chronic disabilities and our society is often quick and prone to turn a blind-eye to such people and their needs.  Thank goodness SHO does not.  Instead, SHO provides a welcoming home environment and support services for its residents who otherwise would have no place to go or belong.”

  • Your donations help 500 low/moderate income seniors and physically and mentally disabled adults, residents who are glad to be at our 12 residences.
  • Resident and family satisfaction is consistently outstanding, ranked on about 50 measures in biannual surveys (4.4 on a 5 point scale).
  • You will support an extremely well-managed organization where the priority is residents—95 % of all expenses go to program services!  Mark Cordova, SHO donor : “A dollar to you is worth far more to them!”

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